05-23-2022 GraphQL Landscape Weekly Report

This is a weekly report providing a snapshot of the GraphQL landscape that is of interest to the wider community. Items added to the report may not have occurred in a given week, but were found that week. Things here may change depending on your feedback or improvements in layout or format. Let the experiment begin!


Identify the people each week who are doing interesting things within any of the areas below.


The Beat

Interesting issues on Github

Interesting discussions on Github

  • Title: A list of small issues in the spec
  • Description: I've been finding small things in the spec, typos or small mistakes, for a while now. Tried to write them down to report later, but kept losing them.
  • URL: https://github.com/graphql/graphql-wg/discussions/969


  • Title: GraphQL Survey
  • Description: At Neo4j, we're interested in understanding how developers are building GraphQL APIs with managed cloud services.
  • URL: https://neo4j.typeform.com/to/zxcrqQFu

Interesting Tweets

Interesting Videos




Platform Totals
Twitter Followers 76,088
Active on Discord 600-700
LinkedIn UG 2,630
Meetup groups 142 gropups 84,181
Github Metrics
Watchers 548
Forks 1,141
Stars 13,751
Stack Overflow Questions 47,068

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