08-15-2022 GraphQL Landscape Weekly Report

This is a weekly report providing a snapshot of the GraphQL landscape that is of interest to the wider community. Items added to the report may not have occurred in a given week, but were found that week. Things here may change depending on your feedback or improvements in layout or format. Let the experiment begin!

The Beat

Interesting discussions on Github

  • Title: What is GraphQL - formal definition
  • Description: PROPOSAL: GraphQL is a client-server communication protocol commonly implemented over Http, with Json as data format. It defines a language for describing the data model and API of the service, and a request language for expressing the requests from the client to the service.
  • URL: https://github.com/graphql/graphql-wg/discussions/1017

Interesting issues on Github


Interesting Tweets

  • Title: Comparing tRPC and GraphQL
  • Description: Comparing tRPC and GraphQL accurately requires us to equalize the context as much as we can and actually focus on their inherent differences.
  • URL: https://twitter.com/xuorig/status/1558840448583606274

Interesting Videos


  • Title: SwiftGraphQL
  • Description: If you are working with Swift, make sure to take a look at the SwiftGraphQL client. Version 4 just released.
  • URL: https://www.swift-graphql.com



Platform Totals
Twitter Followers 81,215
Active on Discord 600-700
LinkedIn UG 2,746
Meetup groups 139 groups 84,463
Github Metrics
Watchers 535
Forks 1,141
Stars 13,851

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